2018 Quita Challenge Grant ends SOON!

Final Update: 1/1/2019

You did it!  Through your collective efforts, you raised $24,600 - just about a half month's worth of our vet bills at current run rates - and used up all of the Quita Challenge Grant funds.  More importantly, you laid a financial foundation for the beginning of the new year, enabling us to meet the ongoing medical needs of our rescue flock.

See our CEO's holiday message and more about what your generosity supports in our newly-published newsletter.

THANKS to all of you from all of us, birds and volunteers alike, at Mickaboo.

Update: 12/31/2018

Today is the LAST day to help the birds during 2018, make your gift go further using the Quita Challenge Grant matching funds (while funds last), and get a tax deduction!  Join the dozens of Mickaboo supporters who have already given almost $18K toward our $20K fundraising goal, and give a fresh 2019 start to our rescue flock of over 400 birds.

The online giving link is here. Thank you for ALL your generosity and support during the year, now, and into the next year!

Update: 12/30/2018

The generosity of our supporters is so heartwarming - as of this morning, we have raised $13,400 toward our fundraising goal of $20,000!  To help us reach our target, all donations received between now and midnight tomorrow (12/31) will be matched at 100%!  That means your donation will go TWICE as far!

Consider joining the dozens of Mickaboo donors who have already given - and repeat donations are also eligible!  There couldn't be a better time to express the spirit of the season, help the birds, and get a year-end tax deduction.  Give now here - all amounts are welcome and appreciated by our birds and volunteers.

Original Post: 12/29/2018

There's only three days left to help the birds, get a 2018 tax deduction, AND use the Quita Challenge Grant to make your gift go further. We have about two-thirds of the Challenge Grant left to be used!

In the spirit of the season, we would like to share with you the story of one such bird looking for a new home.
                                                             * * *
Fiji is a Sun Conure with a sunny disposition and the typical conure clown attitude. He is  hand-tame, outgoing, curious and very gregarious, with the ability to keep you entertained for hours with his antics and acrobatics. 

Fiji has lived with another bird before, so can go into a single or multi-bird household. He is currently being boarded at a vet clinic due to lack of foster spac. Fiji would make a great companion for someone special.

Interested in adopting Fiji?  Email us and let us know if you've been through our adopter approval process.

* * *

The Quita Challenge Grant is funded by an anonymous donor in honor of his beloved parrotlet, Quita, pictured at right.  As one of our supporters, your gift now will allow us to help more birds like Khloe.  Help make the New Year brighter for our rescue flock by giving them a second chance at finding a permanent home - and get a tax deduction too!