2019 Year-End Matching Gift Opportunity: Sixth Annual Quita Memorial Challenge Grant

YOU did it!  Collectively you raised over $22K, leveraging all of the Challenge Grant funds.  Whether you gave a little or a lot, all of us at Mickaboo appreciate your generosity.  This amount, together with the Challenge Grant donation itself, will pay for almost all of January's medical costs - a wonderful way to start the new year. 

We wish all of you a prosperous and safe holiday.  Thank you all again.

All of us at Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue wish all of YOU the best of the holiday season, and a fabulous New Year!Quita

In the spirit of the season, a wonderful supporter has created the Sixth Annual Quita Memorial Challenge Grant to honor his beloved parrotlet, pictured at right.  For every $2 donated between Thursday, December 26 and December 31, the Challenge Grant will contribute $1 until the $10,000 in matching funds runs out.  Give online through PayPal, or at Mickaboo's website (use either of the "donate" buttons in the left margin).

Because of YOUR financial support, this year Mickaboo rescued over 170 birds and found permanent homes for over 120.  We cared for an average flock size of 430, incurring average veterinary expenses of over $45K per month.

A common reason for rescue is the longevity of birds - they literally outlive their owner's ability to care for them.  Companion birds can live for 20 years (budgies) to 80 years (cockatoos, macaws), a lifespan longer than other common pets.  Much can happen to a person during that time; new jobs, new homes, new family statuses, or a change in health status can all result in a need to rehome a bird.  Mickaboo recently coordinated a rescue of two amazons, a cockatiel, and a dove from a Lafayette home when their owner became unable to continue caring for his feathered companions of 20+ years. 

Help us continue to help birds - and their owners.  During this Challenge Grant, every $10 you give becomes $15, every $50 becomes $75, and so on!  All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Thank you for your generosity.