Dewey and Sansome

Bird ID: 4611
Species: Conures of Telegraph Hill
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Cherry Head/hybrid: SF Flock
Adopted on 2019-12-04
Hi, Dewey here!

Well I just want you to know that it`s been a few years now since I wrote my story below, and I`m an adult now, not just a baby. It`s been so interesting growing up with my foster family and my best buddy, Sansome. And I`ve learned to trust people. They took care of me when I was an orphaned baby, they taught me to fly, and they give us good food and fun toys. My family has made a nice home for us so I realize people are really great! Below is my original story from when I first came in to Mickaboo:

I`m Dewey and I`m going to tell you our story. We are both cherryheaded conures from the famous Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill flock! I am a very young baby. I can`t even remember my early days, but I am told that a hawk or something attacked my nest and that it fell onto the ground where I was found ... the only baby alive. My poor siblings were all killed. So, I know how important it is to protect those you love. That`s why I am always looking out for Sansome, who is my buddy. I know that Sansome is an adult, but he`s had an injury and is a little unsteady because of it. So, I PROTECT him!! Though, I`m starting to learn that my foster dad won`t hurt him when he offers him a tasty treat. So I`ve decided that we can come closer. This past weekend we both hung out on a manzanita playstand that was in front of our cage. I even flew across the room a little. You see, I`m learning to fledge.

As for my buddy Sansome, he is a sweetheart. We sit together and cuddle and make purr sounds. We eat together and love these new things called "toys" that hang in our cage. I must say, with all this good food and toys and a playstand and jungle/rainforest nature sounds, this place isn`t so bad. Foster dad wants to teach us tricks too.

By the way, that`s me, Dewey, up on top of our cage in the background, and my cute pal Sansome in the front, smilin`!

Stay tuned for some cool videos that foster dad has taken. I must say, he`s pretty cool, even if he is a human!