Bird ID: 4632
Species: Conures of Telegraph Hill
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Cherry Head/hybrid: SF Flock
Adopted on 2019-12-04
Hi, I`m Sansome. I`m from the Telegraph Hill Conure flock in SF and I`m looking to be matched up with one of my mates from the flock who is also at Mickaboo. In the meantime, I have recovered quite well from when I first was rescued. I was a bit wobbly back then. But now I can fly and i still play with toys, and I eat good foods: vegetables, pellets, fruit and I get nuts and seeds as treats when I come to foster mom. Sometimes I`ll even step onto her. She says I`m the sweetest bird. I can`t wait for my blind date. I see the other birds paired up and I long to have my own sweetheart. When that happens, check back for new pictures.

And if you are interested in me, let the Mickaboo volunteers know when you submit your application!