Sage, Jade & Kelly

Bird ID: 5713
Species: Conure
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Dusky
Health Status: Special Needs
Good with Children: No
Well Socialized: No
Currently in Foster Care
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Hey everyone, we`re Sage, Jade, and Kelly, three dusky conures. We`re an unusual group, and we`ve had a really hard life. When Mickaboo found us, we were living wild in an empty house with feral cats in the very next room! No one`s sure how we`re related, but our foster mom thinks we`re a pair and a child. We aren`t used to people, even after spending a few years with our foster mom, and we aren`t really tame.

Two of us are healthy, but Kelly has some issues. Whether they are congenital or caused by trauma, we don`t know but Kelly has an oddly shaped beak that requires routine trimming by an avian vet, and is unable to fly. He is easily frightened and will fall to the floor if startled. He also has deformed sinuses that cause his eyes to protrude. All 3 of us require daily saline solution misting to help our sinuses.

Because the trio have such an unusual setup, our foster mom is willing to donate the large cage we`re living in to our adopter; it`s six feet long to give us lots of space to move around in. Because the trio needs to be kept together, and Kelly isn`t able to fly, a lot of normal living options aren`t available for them. An aviary would need special accommodations to allow them to move around more readily, and an ordinary cage would be too small. We like our cage against a wall so that we feel safe and secure and the natural sunlight lamps above our cage.

Despite our fears and medical needs, all three of us are excellent eaters, loving to scarf our veggies and fruit first thing in the morning. We also bathe in a large water bowl in our cage. While we aren`t tame, we`d be a great group for someone who wants to observe conures and enjoy us for who we are. If you think you might be a good home for us, please reach out - we`d love to find a forever home where we could be ourselves!