Bird ID: 5813
Species: Cockatiel
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Pied
Died on 2020-02-02
Hi I`m Skittles! I`m a super sweet cockatiel - I was found wandering about in Oakland by myself and a nice person got me to a Mickaboo volunteer.

I can be loud but I love to sing! Especially to my kale. Hang some wet kale in my cage already :)

In my adventures with Mickaboo I met this super sweet lady tiel called Heather and we`ve decided we`re best buddies. I love Heather, she preens me and I preen her and we want to find a home that will adopt us together.

I step up when I *have* to and I`ll eat millet out of your hands. Let`s be friends!

Check out our page on Facebook "Heather and Skittles" for more photos and videos, and ask to meet us! If you want a sweet pair of tiels we`re the birds for you!

In nature, cockatiels live in large flocks. A single bird in a cage spends much of his/her life being lonely because humans have things they must do that take them away. We therefore will only adopt a single cockatiel to a household if there is already at least one cockatiel living there. Otherwise, cockatiels must be adopted in groups of two or more.