Bird ID: 6103
Species: Amazon
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Blue Fronted
Died on 2020-01-15
Hi, my name is Caesar. I lost my home due to a divorce. I was with that family for 33 years.My foster mom says I`m still very young at heart. She calls me her handsome little gentleman! I`m much quieter than a conure, but I don`t eat my vegetables as well as canaries do. Since I`m a Blue-Fronted Amazon, I`m not going to imitate conures or canaries!

I am good at stepping up and learning to hang onto my human mom while she does the household chores. When my mom whistles, I whistle. I haven`t been talking, so it was a surprise for everyone when I responded "Hello" to a six year old visitor. I`m often happy to see visitors and spread my wings out to show how handsome I am.

Update from foster mom in 2018: Caesar is a very mellow bird. and, he`s very easy to take care of. I can do almost anything with him. I hug, kiss, put him on my shoulder and he doesn`t seem to mind it. Like Baby, my first Amazon, he does not step up or let other people handle him, but he`s not an aggressive bird.

He does not talk, but he makes some noises when his dish is empty or he wants attention from you.

Caesar is on a Zupreem diet and he loves it. He also loves apples and bananas, and he eats very well. He does not mind my 2 dogs.

Are you looking for a handsome, little gentleman for your companion? If yes, contact Mickaboo`s Amazon coordinator about Caesar. I hope you can help me find my new family and forever home.