Bird ID: 6114
Species: Conures of Telegraph Hill
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Cherry Head/hybrid: SF Flock
Adopted on 2019-11-17
Howdy, I`m Valencia, one of the Telegraph Hill Parrots, which is why I`m named after a street in San Francisco. I was at the birdie hospital for a while,recovering, but I am feeling so much better now that the doctors here have treated me. I`ve moved to a foster home for more rehab. Foster mommy and daddy are so nice, and I really impressed foster daddy by stepping up onto his hand - really nicely, without biting or anything. I think next time they`re going to take some pictures of it. But truth be told, I was even stepping up for the tech helpers at the hospital when they came to change my papers. But let`s not tell foster daddy, ok!

I don`t currently have a particular boyfriend and I`m getting pretty comfortable with the other birdies at my foster home. They are all from the Telegraph Hill Flock, so it`s a blast! We Telegraph Hill Conures are much more fun if you have a pair. There are 5 of us here. I also told that I have the cutest way of hanging off the side bars of my cage by my beak. You should come and meet me. I am really looking for a nice person to adopt me into my forever home. Just let the wild parrot coordinator know!

And for all you Game of Thrones fans, I`m trying out as a body double for Drogon or Rhaegal. What do you think? Dracarys!