Bird ID: F2017001
Species: Caique
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: White-Bellied
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Adoption Status: Adoption on 2018-04-30

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My name is Magic. I`m a 10-year old caique. My surrenderer says I am a female. He had to give me up because he is doing his medical residency and works sometimes 18 hours a day. My foster parents say that I am adorable, I love to play and destroy my toys, adore shoulder surfing, and my favorite thing to do is to explore. I wear an orange hat, a white shirt, a green jacket, and yellow pants, permanently, through my exquisite coloring. Toys that I can shred are my favorite things beside a toilet paper roll that Ilike wrestling with. Sometimes I hang upside down by one foot to wrestle with this free toy. I will shoulder surf with either my foster mom or foster dad. When I get bored, I wander downwards, preferably towards a table or ledge, where the fun is. Then I check things out. Like all of my caique relatives, I am an explorer at heart, looking under, over, around, and in whatever I can. I am willful and don`t want to return to my cage; however, you can bribe me with a treat. My favorite foods are banana chips, grapes, nuts, and apple. I eat Harrison`s pellets. Won`t you consider coming to meet me? .