Bird ID: O2017006
Species: Macaw
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Blue and Gold
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Adoption Status: Foster on 2017-05-28

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In April (2017), I landed in someone`s backyard in San Francisco, begging for food. No one knows where I came from. I ended up in the animal care joint. While I was there, I shocked a volunteer one day by flying over and landing on her shoulder when she walked in the exotics room. No worries; I didn`t bite or anything. I just wanted to be with someone. I get lonely without human attention. Animal Care and Control advertised me as a found bird, but no one came looking for me. Mickaboo responded to the call to help me out. The folks at Mickaboo named me Max, though I have declined to reveal whether I am Maxwell or Maxine.

I am trying to get used to the indoor life in my foster home. I don`t like being only with birds in the bird room. When I can`t see my people, I raise a big fuss. I enjoy hanging out on perches in the family room, watching the dogs, cat, other birds, and people around me. I love all kinds of pelleted foods, as well as nuts, corn, apples, and certain cooked vegetables, but I`m a bit picky. I throw strawberries and many other fruits and vegetables onto the floor with disgust.

I do not like stepping up onto sticks, but I will step up to your arm when I am asked nicely, and when I feel like it. When I do step up to my mom`s arm, I like to interact with her, be kissed on the head, and receive gentle scritches. At first I got mad when she tried to preen the pin feathers on my head, but gradually I`m getting used to it and enjoying our preening time. I have a band on my leg. My foster mom tried to trace it, but the organization that issued it doesn`t have any information except that the band was issued in 1994 -- which means I`m 23 years old at this writing. I`m going to be a breathtaking and devoted friend for someone who is so bold as to adopt me.

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