Bird ID: 6287
Species: Conure
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Jenday
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Children: Unknown
Well Socialized: No
Currently in Foster Care
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Hi! My name is Rainbow and I`m a Jenday conure. We`re a lot like Suns, only I`ve got nice green wings, which I think look way better.

I came to Mickaboo after only a few years with my first owner, who didn`t know what to do with me, and unfortunately didn`t understand how conures are. They thought I was too loud, but really I was just yelling because I was bored. I`d been left in a too-small cage without anything to do. I ended up plucking a lot of my feathers, including my whole body, before they thought they should take me to see someone. When Mickaboo got me, they checked me out and confirmed I`m healthy as can be... but the damage has been done and my feathers aren`t growing back.

I`m much happier now, and I`m not plucking any longer. My mom gives me shredding toys, which are my favorite, and I really like bits of apple as well! She also says I love to interrupt zoom calls, and am always trying to convince her to give me a few more treats. Mostly I like to stay in my cage, because that`s what I`m used to.

If you think you might have a place for me in your life, please reach out to the conure coordinator for more information! I`d love to land in a forever home who could give me the sort of attention I didn`t get when I was younger.