Bird ID: 6468
Species: Caique
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: White-Bellied
Adopted on 2019-11-24
Hi, I am Mango. I am a 10-year-old, healthy, friendly, fun guy. I lost my home when my human companions got sick and could no longer care for me. I and my ex-partner, found ourselves first at the avian vets and then on to Mickaboo. I am now in a happy foster situation. I`m looking for a wonderful human companion to be best friends with. I am no longer looking for other bird friends but want to find a human buddy who has lots of time to play and hang out with me. Here are some good points about me: I am a very cute bird with a quirky personality. I whistle and laugh and love spending a lot of time out of my cage. I step up and love to shoulder surf and climb all over my foster mom and dad. I like both men and women. No gender preference here. Though I have been known to make quick and harsh decision if I like a person or not when I meet them. If I like you, I really like you. If I don`t like you . . . well, enough said. I love to play and explore but I can sit quietly after I get some of the built-up energy out. I love eating everything. I am on a mixed pellet diet with fresh veggies and fruit. Seed is for treats or training only. Bathing is fun. I love the shower and have had a few soaking mist showers and sunbathing afterwards. I look good, if I say so myself. Here is the honest part: I am not so good going back to my cage. I can`t help it. Once I am out and having fun, I just don`t want to go back. I need a bit of positive reinforcement and a treat before I will go back to my cage. I feel like all the fun stops. So, I need a bit of training and guidance to become the best bird ever. I also scream a bit when my foster parents disappear, or I hear them having fun somewhere else in the house. I say it is natural but I could do better if I had them in my line of sight. It`s a flock thing. Last thing and probably the hardest thing in my life. I`m hormonal. It is my biggest challenge. Birdie hormones is a big thing in companion birds and I have a good dose of them. I will need to have my human friends keep this under check with good management and vet care. All that being said, I am the best bird ever and I am looking for a human companion that will make ME number one in their life. I don`t think that is too much to ask. I just want a best friend. Will you be my best friend?