Autumn and Pumpkin

Bird ID: 6576
Species: Lovebird
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Fischers
Adopted on 2019-11-06
Hi! We are two adorable Fischer`s lovebirds who came from a pet store in Chinatown. Somebody took pity on us because we were plucking, and got us to Mickaboo. We are a bit skittish but me Autumn the more outgoing one is being worked with soon and hopefully my friend Miss Pumpkin will be more brave! We had an infection of spirochetes, which is sadly often found in birds from breeders and we are on medication right now to get better. Hopefully then we`ll stop plucking. We`ve also got a cool new swing and some more toys in our cage to give us something to do. We love our swing and spend most of the day on it together! Check back for more updates once we finish quarantine! If we seem like the cutest little birds you may ever want to take home please let our coordinator know! Tweetles! Autumn and Pumpkin