Bird ID: 7051
Species: Cockatiel
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Whiteface
Adopted on 2021-08-23
Hello! My name is Abraham, or you can call me Abe. I came to Mickaboo from an aviary with 10 other cockatiels - we`re probably all related somehow.
No one really knows how old we are, but we are somewhere between 2 and 8 years old. Since cockatiels can live to be at least 25 years old, we`re still young!
I`m pretty fond of Martin (Marty), eating lots of good food (Lafeber Nutrian cakes, fresh veggies, fresh corn, romaine lettuce, millet as a treat) and discovering the new toys we have in our cage. We have discovered something called a "boing" that`s pretty fund to play on.
Because I haven`t been around people very much in my life, I`m still finding out how nice y`all can be.
In nature, cockatiels live in large flocks. A single bird in a cage spends much of his/her life being lonely because humans have things they must do that take them away. We therefore will only adopt a single cockatiel to a household if there is already at least one cockatiel living there. Otherwise, cockatiels must be adopted in groups of two or more.