Bird Toon of the Day - November 3, 2018

First, the announcement I know you've all been waiting for ... how I'm going to handle Thanksgiving toons while not ignoring the non-holiday ones in my files.

My biggest dilemma is that the Diamond Lil strip always does a full week story arc featuring a pair of turkeys discussing their fate, and on top of that, a Sunday panel.  So I have more of these than I could reasonably use as a normal series on the blog, because that would result in a huge stockpile of unused toons.  (And I fully expect another such story arc and Sunday entry this year for use in next year's November blogs.)

So:  Starting today and running through the day after Thanksgiving, there will be both a regular toon and one of the Diamond Lil series, combining strips from last year and 2016.  Also, beginning on Monday, every other "regular" toon will also be Thanksgiving themed.

At least this way I'll have a "normal" number of toons in the archives next year.

Now, here is a Speed Bump:

And here is part one of the Diamond Lil "bigger-than-meta" Thanksgiving story arc:

Bird Toon of the Day - November 1, 2018

Starting the month with a classic Peanuts strip from early in its run (1951).  Apparently Snoopy spells "beagle" without the first letter:

Check in Saturday to see how I plan to work my huge backlog of Thanksgiving strips in amidst a similarly large number of non-turkey ones.