Bird Toon of the Day - June 1, 2018

Over the weekend, three strips from a May 1967 Peanuts story arc in which Linus shows kindness to birds and gets a nice, warm feeling from it.  (No, these are not Woodstock, who had not made his appearance yet at the time of this strip, and who wasn't even named until 1970.)

Bird Toon of the Day - May 31, 2018

We wrap up the month with a WuMo panel from three years ago yesterday.

This isn't the end of May toons, though ... I have a set of three old Peanuts strips that will start off June with a nice, warm feeling.  Stay tuned!

Bird Toon of the Day - May 24, 2018

Here's a strip we've never featured before.  It's called The Flying McCoys and with a name like that, you might expect some avian-oriented content from time to time.  I went back into their archives to find this entry from May 24, 2015: