*Updated 12/6/2015* Mickaboo 2015 Holiday Party Challenge Grant - results!

We raised 88% of the $9,000 goal we were striving for.  THANKS for the generosity from both the people who attended the Holiday Party and the many of you who could not attend!  This financial backing will help us pay about a week's worth of veterinary bills, helping our birds recover their physical health on their way toward becoming adoptable.

Have a great holiday season! 

2015 Mickaboo Holiday Party Challenge Grant has started!

The Challenge Grant we told you about earlier this week has begun!Popsicle, lovebird available for adoption

Members of Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue's Board of Directors are sponsoring this Challenge Grant. For every $3 donated now online or in person until 9 pm Pacific Time today, $1 will be given to Mickaboo by the donors, until we have raised $9,000 (when matching funds run out).  With this financial help, we will be able to address the medical needs of our rescued birds for about 10 days - a wonderful gift.

If you're at or coming to the party - consider donating there.  Watch our thermometer chart!

If you can't come and want to participate - donate online at ("donate" buttons at the left margin) during the same timeframe, now until 9 pm today. We will update our Facebook page throughout the party. Stay tuned!

Announcing: Mickaboo 2015 Holiday Party Challenge Grant

Some members of the Board of Directors have put up matching funds to be used in a Challenge Grant, a la public television’s challenge grants.Zoey, a foster cockatoo On December 5, 9 am - 9 pm Pacific Time, for every $3 donated online or in person, an additional $1 will be given to Mickaboo. Party-goers can watch the money grow via a thermometer chart! We will also post periodically to our FaceBook page.

If you're coming to the party - consider donating there. If you can't come and want to help, donate online at  (9 am - 9 pm PT on Saturday, Dec 5).  (The donation buttons are at the upper left of

Need to RSVP for the party, or want a reminder about what to bring, where the parking garage is, and other details?  Learn more and RSVP here

We are gratefull for the many in-kind donors to our Holiday Party silent auction and raffle - see who they are here. 

Bird Toon of the Day - November 30, 2015

Looking for something to get us back into mainstream toons after our Thanksgiving marathon, I found this recaptioned photo from Cheezburger of November 14, 2014.  It got me wondering about whether there really are vanilla-flavored Peeps so I Googled and discovered that there are ... but they are made for Independence Day, not Christmas!  (No charge for additional trivia.)