Bird Toon of the Day - November 28, 2015

Another post-Thanksgiving laugh, from Diamond Lil of November 30, 2014.  It should be noted that a running seasonal gag in the strip is that Lil is so bad a cook that the local senior center rebuffs her volunteering to cook Thanksgiving dinner there every year.

T-Shirt Fundraiser is "For the Birds"

MyPetShirts is offering a wonderful opportunity to raise funds for Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue! MyPetShirts donated a t-shirt totwo parrotletsMickaboo for our holiday fundraiser, and then thought, "Hey, they are doing great things for the birds and the bird people! Why don't we do something a little bigger?"  (Incidentally, MyPetShirts's owners have two rescued parrotlets, pictured at right.)

And so began the Holiday T-shirt Drive.  It's quite simple.

The T-Shirt Drive runs from Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2015 through December 9, 2015 at Midnight ET.

Any orders using the coupon code "MICKABOO15" will count towards the fundraiser. As more shirts are sold, the percentage of revenue donated to Mickaboo grows.

  • If 10 shirts are sold, 10% of the sales revenue will be donated to Mickaboo.
  • If 20 shirts are sold, the donation goes up to  20%.
  • 30 shirts?  You guessed it.  30%!
  • Cat Hates You t-shirtIf 40 or more shirts sell,  MyPetShirts will donate 40% of the revenue to Mickaboo!

bird ladyRemember, this is per shirt, not per order! So if you order two shirts and a hoodie, that scores three shirts! If you tell ten friends about it and they each order one shirt... Okay, you get the idea. Buy your holiday gifts for your animal-loving friends here (don't forget the Mickaboo15 code!), and spread the word on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and any other social media outlet you'd like.

*The shirts are hilarious, pet-themed silly things. Bird shirts, cat shirts, dog shirts. They are for people to wear, not animals.  Check out the website. Remember to use the Mickaboo15 coupon code for any orders!

** Sales tax and shipping costs will be excluded from the donation calculation.

I'm adopted***The Mickaboo15 code will also get you 1% off the normal price.  MyPetShirts had to do that to get the coupon code function to work. When you get to your shopping cart, click the blue link on the right that says "Apply shop coupon code."

Bird Toon of the Day - November 24, 2015

Conclusion of the Thanksgiving-themed Monty story arc, from November 26, 2014.  For reasons only the artist knows, the next day (Thanksgiving itself) he did a strip featuring himself sitting at his drawing board "taking the day off", then a strip on Black Friday.  The title character returned on Saturday with a weak ending to the interrupted story arc featuring a mention of tofu (which I am not going to subject you all to).