Bird Toon of the Day - January 21, 2019

A Frank & Ernest strip in which the worm tries to dissuade his nemesis.

Someone asked me over the weekend why I never give the original publication dates anymore, except in rare circumstances (like the old Peanuts strips).  The reason is that I now try to post as close to the anniversary date of a strip as is possible, and the original strip date information is always included if it was there in the first place.  Also, some toons, like Break of Day and Birdbrains, have no publication date (and actually get repeated at their original posting locations!).  I make an exception for Peanuts because for some reason they get redated in the process of being presented as "retro" and so I look them up in the Peanuts Wiki to get the original publication date.  (More than you wanted to know, huh?)