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Mickaboo has raised just shy of $12K (inclusive of matching funds) from 96 of you, our supporters.  THANK YOU so much!  That amount will allow us to help at least 60 birds and their needy surrenderers.

If you're just reading your email after putting in a hard day's work... how would you like a feel-good moment?  Head to http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/rescue-unwanted-and-abandoned-companion-birds/ and join your colleagues in kickstarting our Benevolent Fund, to help needy third-party surrenders with our new (and necessary) surrender fees.

Again, thank you all SO very much.

Thanks to over 60 of you, Mickaboo now has $9,730 in combined donations and matching funds.  Wouldn't it be great to get to $10,000?  That would allow us to help *at least* 50 birds and their surrenderers - about 1/8 to 1/6 of the birds we usually take in annually. 

Help us get there - there's still $35K in matching funds left!  Go to http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/rescue-unwanted-and-abandoned-companion-birds/  today!

The GlobalGiving bonus money is flowing out really slowly (comparatively speaking) today.  There is still about $45K left of the $75K we started with! 

Let's use it up!  If you have some spare change behind the sofa or under your birds' cages, now is an excellent time to help needy surrenderers get their birds into Mickaboo - and have your money go further in the bargain!  Give at


Many THANKS to the 40 supporters who have given so far - won't you consider joining them? 

Send comments or questions to pr@mickaboo.org.

GlobalGiving's Bonus Day has begun!  Please consider donating now (before matching funds run out!) toward this new Benevolent Fund, at Mickaboo's GlobalGiving page.  Matching funds may run out as early as 7 am Pacific (10 am Eastern)! 

Please send questions to pr@mickaboo.org.Thank you for considering helping pet birds and their surrenderers in this way.

Thanks to your generosity and that of MANY others, Mickaboo has ended the October 2013 moratorium on additions to our foster flock.  THANK YOU very, very much!  You have an opportunity tomorrow (yes, Tomorrow!) to continue supporting our mission of improving the quality of life for companion birds in need.

During the last moratorium, we reviewed our financial policies in light of having had two moratoria in one year - the result of demand for our services outpacing our funding model - and made changes. We created a per-bird fee for individuals surrendering their pets.  This fee has been generally well received and understood; that said, there are times when the surrenderer cannot afford it.  This is where YOU come in!

We are creating a "Benevolent Fund" to assist these surrendering guardians. The pictured budgies – all of whom are undergoing veterinary treatment - recently came to Mickaboo from a guardian who needed this sort of financial help. All funds collected tomorrow - GlobalGiving's first Bonus Day of 2014 - will be dedicated to this fund. 

Tomorrow, from Feb 12, 6 am PT - 9 pm PT (or Feb 12, 9 am ET - midnight Eastern), GlobalGiving will match your online donations at 30%, up to $1,000 per donor per project, until GlobalGiving has given away $75,000 of matching funds for all of its projects. Tomorrow, go to Mickaboo's GlobalGiving page to take advantage of this opportunity – early tomorrow (we recommend 6am-7am Pacific) - before matching funds run out!

Read more about how Mickaboo impacts the lives of our feathered companions in our recently published newsletter.  From an unexpected adoption to an Amazon's medical and emotional rehabilitation, there's a heartwarming story for everyone.

Please make a note (now) to give tomorrow to help many other birds like this budgie trio and their pre-Mickaboo guardians.  They and our volunteers will really appreciate it!

A group of very generous Mickaboo supporters have created a $3000 Challenge Grant in honor of #GivingTuesday and Mickaboo.  The funds will match yours on a 3-1 basis; every $3 you give will be matched by $1 from the Grant.  Give online here - and watch the status of the Challenge Grant funds below.

10:00 pm PT update - About $830 of the Challenge Grant has been used.  Yay for Debra B, Jeannette B, Nathan V, Priscilla R, Roberta L , Tiffini C and "Anonymous"!

2:50 pm PT update - Almost $650 of the Challenge Grant is gone!  Woohoo to Christopher N, Geraldine N, and Marlena V for helping!

12:35 pm PT update - Over $600 of the Challenge Grant is gone!  Thanks to super-wonderful donors Diane M, L L and Ted D!

10:29 am PT update - Almost $428 of the Challenge Grant is gone!  Many thanks to Diane P, Kathleen K, Louisa J, and many other donors!

9:20 am PT update - Almost $300 of the Grant funds are gone!  Big shout-out to Marsha B and other Mickaboo supporters who gave!

Your #GivingTuesday Posts!

Here is where we are displaying a random selection of posts/tweets you, our supporters, have shared with us on Facebook and Twitter!

Buddy F says:
 I support bird rescue because there are too many birds that need homes. The large ones live as long as humans and as a result move from home to home throughout their lives.

Judy H says:
I donate to Mickaboo, because these intelligent creatures, need all the help they can get. I love my fids, 2 are rescues.

Karen P says:
I have to say thank you for all you do for these wonderful creatures. I have a African grey. He is 1-1/2 and something special. Thinking of adopting or foster I hope that all animal lovers take a moment to realize how lucky we are to have them, dog,cat,bird. It is unconditional and you can't ask for more. I also hope that some day we won't have to rescue and everyone will do what is best for our friends

Scott S says:
I support bird rescue because they make a difference in the lives special birds like Boomer. And I am giving to Mickaboo on Dec 3rd for #GivingTuesday"

Neha M says:
 I support bird rescues because birds like all living creatures deserve to live with dignity, respect and love. They are intelligent and have feelings and deserve a second chance.

Nathan V says:
December 3rd is GivingTuesday and this is how I'll be showing my support: Starting now, all proceeds from album sales for the next week will be donated to a few animal-related groups close to my heart, including Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary and Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue. These are wonderful people with so much love to give and so many animals to help!

Get your copy of Dreaming In Twin now (http://veshecco.storenvy.com/ products/ 3181080-dreaming-in-twin) and help contribute to my #GivingTuesday donation! Please share this info with the people you love, give your animal friends hugs for me, and have a great holiday weekend if you're celebrating. I love you!

Kathy R says:
I support Mickaboo because they provide loving care to our most vulnerable companions. Avian intelligence and need for interaction and companionship is not as well understood as it needs to be, so education is also an important component of Mickaboo's mission.

What are YOU Doing Today?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday celebrate commercialism; #GivingTuesday (today!) celebrates community.  Join us and thousands of nonprofits, companies, and individuals across the nation to support giving back to our communities. 

  • Friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and add your message.  Your message can be as simple as "I support bird rescue because ____", or  "I am giving to Mickaboo on Dec 3rd for #GivingTuesday".  Then share your message with your friends!
  • Donate online today.  Your gift today will be matched 3-1 until $3000 in Challenge Grant funds are gone. (Three dollars of your funds will be matched with one dollar from the Grant.) Many thanks to the generous Mickaboo friends who created this Challenge Grant!

We will share memorable posts and tweets here throughout the day, as well as progress toward using up the Challenge Grant funds.  Email donations@mickaboo.org with any questions or comments. THANKS to all of you supporting us today and every day throughout the year!   

YOU Did It!


THANKS to the dozens of you who gave during GlobalGiving's October 23 Bonus Day, we earned a total of $24K toward our foster flock's vet bills.  Your collective funding will go far toward our being able to lift the moratorium and help more birds like those featured on our Angel page.

Read more about our rescue activities YOU enable in our Fall Newsletter.  Our birds and our volunteers appreciate your spirit and generosity.



Matching gift funds (a little over $3000) are still available!  Go to this page if you meant to give and haven't yet, thinking it was too late.  It's NOT! 

As of right now, 112 of you have donated to us through GlobalGiving's donation page.  That astounding number puts us in the running to win an ADDITIONAL $1000 bonus for having the most donors today.  Would you help us win that bonus money?  It only takes $10, GlobalGiving's minimum donation amount.

Every bit counts, and every bit will get us closer to being able to lift the moratorium.  THANK YOU all for your support - our birds and volunteers really, really appreciate it.



GlobalGiving's BONUS Day begins at 6 am Pacific on Wednesday, Oct 23!  Please give NOW to use this 30% matching gift opportunity before matching funds run out, using this GlobalGiving donation page.  (We recommend you donate in the 6am-7am Pacific timeframe for the best chance of having your donation matched.)

Ultimately, Mickaboo's mission is to enhance the quality of life for birds who come through our doors.  Mickaboo directly serves over 1000 birds annually, and many more indirectly through the dozens of bird care classes and other public events in which we participate throughout the year.

Would you help us help more birds, like the one shown here, and like the ones in our Angel program due to their extensive medical needs?

Important Note

If the GlobalGiving donation page shows that matching funds have run out, please help us minimize our donation transaction processing costs and donate in these ways instead:

  • Send a check to Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue, PO Box 697, San Jose, CA  95106
  • Donate online via Network for Good

Our birds and our volunteers will appreciate your generosity at this time.  Please send any questions to donations@mickaboo.org

Challenge Grant - Ends Today!
An incredibly supportive group of donors has given us a $6500 Challenge Grant, to be matched at a rate of 50% (meaning your $10 will garner an extra $5 from this group).  The Challenge Grant period ends today at midnight!  Help us leverage this opportunity by donating online now!  (If this link does not work, please go to www.mickaboo.org and click on any of the "donate" links at the left.)

Every dollar counts - your contribution, combined with many others, creates the financial fuel that keeps this organization running.

Please send any questions to donations@mickaboo.org.  Thanks as always for your generosity!


Due to the incredible generosity of one of our supporters, Mickaboo is pleased to offer for auction a one-week "wellness vacation" in beautiful Malibu, California!

Held at The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge in Malibu, California, this vacation offers an ideal environment to reconnect with your inner self and transform your life. Located only 6 miles away from the majestic Pacific Ocean, and uniquely nestled among Southern California’s natural oasis of trees and wildflowers, the resort provides the perfect balance of fitness, education, nourishment, and relaxation.

Retail value is $2,695, and the current high bid is only $550! See more about the wellness program at this webpage.

To see details about the auction and to bid, go to this page. Hurry - the auction ends Tuesday, August 6 at 9 pm Pacific.

Send any questions to donations@mickaboo.org. Good luck!

Photo Contest Results

The final results are in - and Mickaboo placed second overall, and second in the Give Green Category. THANKS to all of you who voted, motivated your friends and family to vote, and cheered us onward on your Facebook pages, Tweets, and emails!  Mickaboo won a full day of publicity on GlobalGiving's home page where we'll make that many more people aware of bird rescue and Mickaboo itself.

Looking to help us more?  Financial help is ALWAYS appreciated - our vet bills never stop coming!  Due to a generous donor, we have an unusual opportunity for you to help yourself AND the birds!  See this page for details about our auction of a Wellness Vacation in Malibu, California - and hurry, the auction ends Tuesday, August 6!

Send "traditional" donations to PO Box 697, San Jose, CA  95106 - or give online. THANK YOU for your support!

Would you help us $1000 for our birds?  Mickaboo is currently in second place in an online voting contest hosted by GlobalGiving - we need to get to FIRST place!  Helping us is easy, free, and would mean a lot to us.

  • VOTE NOW for Mickaboo at this link (one vote per person allowed; contest ends on July 31, but please vote now while you're thinking about it LOL)
  • CONFIRM your vote via the email you’ll receive – otherwise your vote won’t count!
  • SHARE this voting request via email / Facebook / Twitter / your other social networks, and ask your contacts to vote and to share too!  Email me at pr@mickaboo.org if you would like suggested wording.

Your help will be much appreciated by the hundreds of birds annually who receive our assistance. Email pr@mickaboo.org with any questions.  THANK YOU for your help.