Donate Your Used Goods

Mickaboo partners with Community Thrift Store, a nonprofit retail store at 623 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA.  To donate in Mickaboo's name:

  1. Review the lists of acceptable and unacceptable items on their website:
  2. Verify your items will be accepted by Community Thrift.  If you have questions, call them at 415-861-4910.
    1. If you have 20+ boxes or bags in San Francisco, call 415-861-4910 to arrange for pick up.
    2. If you have less than 20 boxes or bags, donate at their store.  Hours are on their website.
    3. Identify Mickaboo as the beneficiary of your donation.
  3. Obtain a tax receipt for tax purposes from Community Thrift, whether at the donation door or at pick up.