Go Green!

Mickaboo receives funds from Planet Green when we recycle and buy recycled!

Mickaboo sends empty inkjet cartridges and used small electronics (cell phones, GPS, calculators, MP3 players, PDAs, videogame paraphernalia, etc.) to a recycler for cash. Give us your recyclables at any of our public events. If you have twenty or more items to recycle, you can send items directly to Planet Green on our behalf, postage-paid! Print the online postage-paid label, and see a list of acceptable electronics by going to Planet Green and clicking on the “Recycle” button.

Additionally, Planet Green sends Mickaboo 10% of your purchases of Planet Green Inkjet Cartridges!

Planet Green’s remanufactured inkjet cartridges cost up to 50% less than brand name inkjets, are great quality, environmentally friendly and are ALL remanufactured in the USA!