Labor Day Events - Parrot Conservation Alliance, African Greys, and MORE

Date and Time: 
Monday, September 7, 2020 - 1:30pm to 3:30pm
Zoom link to be provided to registrants
No plans for Labor Day afternoon? Mickaboo has something special for you!
1.30 pm - Presentation about the Parrot Conservation Alliance - its vision and accomplishments to date - with Patty Finch, its founder, and others.
2.00 pm - Short video about African Greys - their behavior in the wild, and how to care with them in your home. This video
was created by two Mickabooligans (Jonathan K and Beth M) who have THREE African Greys in their household. Mickaboo volunteers will be ready to answer questions *live* during and after the video.
2:30 pm - BYOB (Bring Your Own Bird party!) event. Relax and chat with fellow Mickaboo volunteers and supporters. Our Labor Day online auction will have just ended, so you'll also be able to congratulate the winners! See the person behind the emails you see all year around!
This event will be shown ONLY on Zoom - please register here (one link for any and all events).