GlobalGiving's #GivingTuesday Helps Mickaboo's Birds!

FINAL RESULTS:  Nov 28, 11:20 pm PT

#GivingTuesday is over - and we've met our fundraising goal!  Thanks to you, we raised $10,397 (including matching funds). That's just about enough to pay for a week's worth of our veterinary expenses for our flock of 650 birds!

Our birds, the volunteers who care for them day in and day out, and our Board of Directors are grateful for your outpouring of generosity.

GlobalGiving is participating in #GivingTuesday with another matching gift day! From NOW until Tuesday, Nov 28, 9 pm PT, GlobalGiving will match your online donations,Mojo and Troy (now) up to $1,000 per donor per nonprofit. The match rate will be determined by how much Mickaboo raises as a percentage of all monies raised. This means donations made during the entire day will count! Head to this link to give.

Your gifts help birds like those pictured here.  Mojo and Tory are 23- and 19-year-old cherry-headed conures surrendered to Mickaboo by a woman who had them their whole lives, and only gave them up when she was hospitalized permanently.  (Conures like these have a life expectancy of around 30 years.) Their feather-plucking behavior has been successfully addressed by changes to their diet and environment.  Mojo, the larger of the two, has added some English words ("Hello!" "Take a bath!") to his birdie vocabulary.  Both enjoy interacting outside of their cage with their humans.  The top picture shows what they look like now; the bottom picture shows their previous appearance.

Interested in adopting this beautiful pair?  See more information and contact their adoption coordinator here.

Thank you for being there for our birds and our volunteers - it's an old phrase, but we really couldn't do what we do without you!