Matching Gift Campaign - March 23-29, 2020

Final Update: March 29, 9:30 pm

You did it!  We reached our $15K fundraising goal AND used all of the matching gift funds. THANK YOU to all of you who gave, who asked their friends and family to give - and especially who established the Challenge Grant fund. 

Our many birds and the volunteers who lovingly care for them, day in and day out, appreciate your open-heartedness during these times.

Update:  March 28, 11:00 am

Thanks to dozens of you, we collectively raised over $4800 through the GlobalGiving event that ended yesterday.  That's not enough to meet our fundraising needs of the moment, so two generous souls have created a Challenge Grant, available through Sunday 3/29/2020, 9 pm PT.  Donations of ANY amount are welcome and will be matched at 50% while matching funds last!

Your help is appreciated by birds like Tweedle, a canary. Tweedle was the pet of a human who passed away; the rest of the family had no idea how to care well for the pet, so Tweedle came to Mickaboo. Tweedle's health wasn't the best when we got her.  She's now recovered, thanks to our veterinary partners, and is available for adoption.

Help us help birds like Tweedle?  If and when you are able, please give funds online here. Repeat donors welcome!

Thank you for considering as we all work our way through these challenging times.

Update: March 27, midnight

Together we have raised about $5400 (including matching funds) toward this week's $15,000 fundraising goal. MANY thanks to those who have opened their wallets and hearts during these uncertain times! Here is the story of another bird who your donations help.

Gus is a 38-year-old vocally-gifted Amazon who came to Mickaboo in June 2019. A few months later, he began struggling with both vision issues and heart disease - a common ailment in middle-aged Amazons that have been on an unhealthy diet. 

Despite these challenges Gus has talked up a storm in his foster home (see his videos!) learning the names of family members and pets, shouting ‘Earthquake!’ and his favorite phrase “Uh-ohh!”. 

Gus has a wonderful foster home who is diligently weighing him, monitoring his appetite, and giving him his daily medications. However Gus is back at Medical Center for Birds this week as he has been worryingly quiet these last few days, and his appetite has been off.

Please help us continue to care for this lovable fellow and his feathered friends in Mickaboo's rescue flock.  Your gift now of up to $50 by Friday, March 27, 9 pm PT will be matched at 50%, making your gift that much more effective.  

All of our birds and the volunteers who care for them appreciate your consderation and generosity. 

Update: March 24, 11:59 pm

We have raised about $3,500 (including matching funds) toward our goal of $15,000.  Thank you to those who have helped our birds in this way - especially now.  Your gifts help birds like Hala, a miligold macaw left to an uncertain future when her owner unexpectedly passed away.

Hala is about 40 years old.  While she has seen a vet fairly regularly for beak and nail trims, we were concerned about her crop, which seemed enlarged and problematic. She was also regurgitating and displaying extreme hormonal behavior. 

Hala spent several days at the vet to ensure that all was well. She was released after Xrays and other tests, and a hormone implant. She “sucks air”, inflating her crop area when she is excited - common in birds that have upper gastrointestinal tract issues. However, by changing her mealtime routine to portioned feeding, and with careful monitoring, she should be fine.  

                                                                                                          ~ ~ ~

Our hearts are with everyone affected by coronavirus and its economic effects.  But the medical needs of our rescue flock can't wait.  Give hope now, if you are able - and make your gifts go further with the help of Challenge Grant funds.  The match rate is now at 50%, thanks to additional Challenge Grant funds made available today. Our rescue flock and volunteers thank you!


We at Mickaboo are very fortunatel to have not one, but TWO matching gift campaigns running thisweek, all due to the generosity of our partners and sponsors.  

First and foremost is the GlobalGiving Little-by-Little Campaign, matching 50% of donations up to $50.  This piece is in progress now and ends Friday March 27 at 9 pm PT.  Head to this page to donate!  Funds WILL NOT run out! 

The second piece is for donors who would like to help our birds with more than $50.  A Challenge Grant will match funds received at at 33% between now and Sunday, March 29 at 9 pm PT, while matching funds last.

Donations to either campaign help birds like Finley. This baby conure came to the San Jose shelter after being horribly injured. Shelters routinely turn sick and injured birds to Mickaboo, so Finley joined our rescue flock. The vet believes, based on Finley's injuries, that he had a run in with a vehicle. The very front of his beak was broken and bloody, and his right wing (shown on the left side of the xray) had multiple fractures. 

Help us help Finley and the hundreds of birds in our rescue flock?  We have raised about $2,000 so far, out of our goal of $15,000 (about 1/3 of our monthly vet costs).  Thank you for considering!