Matching Gift Event - July 18, 2019

Final update: 7/18/2019 9:38 pm

Today's matching event is over.  The final result: $15,500 in donations, a little over a week's worth of our vet bills at the moment.  THANK YOU all for your generosity and support.  We literally could not do what we do without your ongoing help.

Update: 7/18/2019: 6:45 pm

Your collective generosity has resulted in a little over $15,000 towards our $20,000 fundraising goal.  That's great progress, with more than two hours left for today's online giving event.  Would you help us cross the finish line with YOUR donation?

Your financial support helps us provide critically needed medical care to our foster flock of over 400 birds.  Birds like Coco (pictured, before and after treatment) a blue crown conure who came to us with Angel Wing, a condition where the wing feathers grow out at abnormal angles. She's available for adoption now!   Email us to express your interest.

Would you take a moment to support our work by giving here? Our birds and volunteers appreciate your consideration!





RipleyUpdate: 7/18/2019, 9:30 am

GlobalGiving's matching funds have just run out.  Thanks to the generosity of early-risers, we have raised about $6K towards our $20K fundraising goal.  And the good news doesn't end there!  A generous supporter has stepped up with MORE matching funds. So while this fresh set of matching funds last, your donation of ANY amount will be matched at 30%.  

Head to to help birds like Ripley.  Thank you for considering!

NOW (after 6 am on July 18) is the time to help the birds, AND use matching gift funds to make your gift go further!  Here is the donation link. We hope to raise $20,000 today (slightly less than half of our current monthly vet bills) and will post updates on our mutual fundraising progress at this blog.

Here is the story of one bird where your financial support helped:

Ripley is a young budgie who is curious about the world - here, he's helping his foster mom with her work.   Ripley was surrendered to Mickaboo by a county animal shelter after a worker saw Ripley had a leg injury. Our volunteer spent several hours that night transporting him to an emergency vet clinic, staying while Ripley's wound was attended to and Ripley was fitted with a makeshift "cone of shame", and then taking him home. 

Unfortunately the drama didn't stop. The cone, made of a bottle cap, was too heavy for little Ripley! The weight caused him to topple and flail, threatening to reopen the leg wound.  The cone was cut off after senior Mickaboo volunteers were consulted. Ripley was closely supervised the rest of that long night to ensure he wasn't reopening his wound.

Today Ripley is a happy little bird, riding around on his foster parent's shoulder when he's not helping with math. Interested in adopting Ripley?  Email us and let us know if you've been through our adopter approval process. Please note Ripley should be adopted into a household with other budgies, or be adopted with another Mickaboo budgie, so he will have the bird companionship he needs.
~ ~ ~

Today's event is geared toward donations of $100 - $1000.  The higher the amount, the higher the match (while funds last)!

  • Donations of $100 - $499 will be matched at 15%
  • Donations of $500 - $749 will be matched at 30%
  • Donations of $750 - $1000 will be matched at a whopping 50%!

Donations below $100, and the excess over $1000, will NOT be matched.  The giving event runs from 6 am PT to 9 pm PT. 

May we count on you to help support our work with a gift today?