Mickaboo 20th Anniversary Holiday Party Challenge Grant - Today 12/2/2017 Only

Final update:

YOU collectively gave us $13.6K in response to this Challenge Grant.  That's about enough for a week's worth of vet bills at our current rates!  THANK YOU all from the bottom of our hearts.  We hope you all enjoy a very merry holiday season.

In honor of Mickaboo's 20th Anniversary, a generous benefactor has offered a $4000 Challenge Grant!  All donations today, received online or at Mickaboo's Holiday Party, will qualify for a 50% match.  Let's use it up!  You may use either mickaboo.org or PayPal.me/Mickaboo to give online.

Your financial support helps us help birds like Morado, a Mexican red-headed amazon. Morado was found outside as a stray, kept for a time by the good samaritan who found her, and ultimately surrendered to Mickaboo.  Though not yet hand tame she will accept treats from a hand. She enjoys listening to music, like the theme to Disney's Robin Hood, and whistling along.  Fun fact: Morado is a foodie! She prefers to eat her fresh vegetables mixed with a tiny dab of hummus, tomato sauce, potato soup, quinoa, or curry sauce. 

You may learn more about Morado and inquire about adopting her here.

Thank you again for your support for the last 20 years, and in the years to come!