Online Fundraising Event - July 18, 2018


We did it!  Collectively, including matching gifts, we have raised just over $11,500!  THANK YOU so much for your support, your generosity, and your heart.  Our birds appreciate all of you.


UPDATE: 5:25 pm

We have raised about $6,600 toward our $10,000 fundraising goal. Thanks to ALL who have gotten us this far!

Join the crowd and help our many many MANY birds with their medical care - our vet bills are $30K/month for our flock of 600+ birds.  Your gift today will be matched at 50% by Mickaboo's Challenge Grant - now through 9 pm PT.

Our birds and our volunteers appreciate your generosity!

UPDATE: 9:30 am

Thanks to the many wonderful people who gave, we have raised about $4,800 toward our $10,000 fundraising goal - enough to pay for about a week's veterinary bills.  The matching continues with Mickaboo's Challenge Grant - now through 9 pm PT!  Give here - our birds will appreciate your help with their recovery!

UPDATE: 7:47 am

GlobalGiving funds have run out, but matching continues in Mickaboo's own Challenge Grant! Generous Mickaboo supporters have funded the Challenge Grant to match your donations between now and 9 pm PT today. 

Watch this space for news on our fundraising progress!

GlobalGiving's best matching gift opportunity of the year is here! GlobalGiving will match one-time donations up to $500 at 50%, and new monthly donations at 100% of one installment's amount while funds remain, or until the campaign ends at 8:59 PT on Wednesday, July 18.  The event starts Wednesday July 18 at 6 am PT. Matching funds in similar events have run out in 30 minutes or less, so early risers will be rewarded!  

Your financial support helps us help many people and birds, each with their own story.  We were approached recently by the estate of a person who had 40ish grass parakeets, some of which are pictured here. We need YOUR help to fund their medical care. If you might be interested in fostering or adopting some or all of these spectacularly beautiful birds, we can use your help in that way too!  Potential fosters and adopters must be previously approved by Mickaboo, or agree to go through Mickaboo's approval process (which we will expedite as much as possible). 
You can help us continue to positively impact the lives of pet parrots needing our help. Donate through GlobalGiving's matching program on Wednesday and the first $500 of your gift could be matched!  ALL gifts of ANY size will be appreciated.