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Following is a note from Mark Bittner telling of how he came to meet Alex:

Subject: Wild Parrots Update for Christmas 2007

We have a few wild parrot flock notes this time.

A few days ago a man showed up at my door with one of the babies from the flock.
He'd found the baby on the ground unable to walk and brought him to me. The guy's name
was Alex, so we named the baby Alex. It soon became clear that Alex had simply hit a window
or something and knocked himself out. In two days Alex was back with mom and dad and siblings.

We've included a photo of Alex in this mailing. It was nice to come to the rescue of one of the
babies again. I hadn't done that in quite some time. They're so trusting and accepting when
they're babies. It was a pleasure to have his company for the brief time that Alex was here.

As you may recall, two years ago I stood underneath some trees that the parrots use a lot
in order to stop them being cut down by a neighbor. The city stepped in and negotiated with
the neighbor. Some of the members of this list contributed to a fund to save the trees, and
a deal was worked out. I'm happy to say that the trees were recently trimmed, and they look
great. The parrots are using them and everybody seems happy. Special thanks to Ted Kipping
and his crew for the expert job on the trees.

Finally, with Christmas coming, many people ask how they they can contribute to help the parrots.
If anybody is interested in doing something like that, I would ask that they send money to Mickaboo,
the organization that actively cares for injured members of the flock nowadays. You can find more
information about this at

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you from Mark and Judy and the free-flying Alex

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